Calcium Chloride

Concrete acceleration
Drilling muds
Chemical Manufacturing

Technical Background

Calcium Chloride Anhydrous (98%) is available as both powder and 1-6mm granules, and Calcium Chloride Dihydrate (77%) is available as flakes.  These are Food Grade products; industrial applications include the manufacture of fertilisers and drilling fluids.

Calcium Chloride is very hygroscopic and it can be usefully deployed as a dessiccant.  Due of its ability to depress the freezing point of water, it is also be used to suppress the formation of ice on road surfaces.  It is relatively harmless to soil and to plants, and it is more effective than Sodium Chloride at very low temperatures.
​​Calcium Chloride Anhydrous and Calcium Chloride Dihydrate are both packaged in 25Kg sacks.

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