Feed Grade Clinoptilolite for feed manufacture, and for on-farm use
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Clinoptilolite is a Technological Additive, listed in the Functional Groups of Binders and Anti-Caking Agents (number 1g568, formerly E568).
Under Commission Implementing Regulation (EC) No. 651/2013 of 9th July 2013, amending Regulation (EC) No. 1810/2005, Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin has been granted authorisation for all animal species at a maximum content of 10,000 mg/kg (complete feedingstuff with a moisture content of 12%). 
The directive requires that this product is a hydrated calcium aluminosilicate of sedimentary origin containing a minimum of 80% of Clinoptilolite and a maximum of 20% of clay materials, free of fibres and quartz.

Lead content: maximum 30 mg/Kg
Cadmium content: maximum 2 mg/Kg
Dioxin content: maximum 0.75 ng WHO-PCDD/F TEQ/Kg (ppt)  
Popular for use with dairy and beef herds, Clinoptilolite confers the following benefits:
  • Absorbs ammonia produced in the rumen, resulting in improved blood serum levels
  • Buffers the rumen pH, helping to protect against sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA)
  • Binds aflatoxins, helping to protect against the development of aflatoxicosis
  • Absorbs lead and other toxic heavy metals
  • Improved milk yields and butterfat concentrations have also been reported
Clinoptilolite is available in 25Kg sacks.

For detailed advice on the use of Clinoptilolite for dairy and beef herds, please contact ruminant nutritionist Colin Orr on
07710 228053.  To place an order, please use the contact details shown below.

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