Lightweight construction materials (including plasters, mortars and insulation)


Expanded Perlite is a white, ultra-low density mineral available in several grades (details below) to suit most applications.  It exhibits excellent insulation properties over a very wide temperature range, making it useful both in cryogenics and refractory applications. It is also commonly used in construction and horticultural products.

Technical background

Expanded Perlite is a volcanic aluminosilicate glass with an internal structure consisting of numerous tiny closed air cells.  It has the unusual property of expanding greatly when it is heated. At 850 – 900°C, perlite softens and water trapped inside its structure escapes.  This causes the material to expand to many times its original volume, and its bulk density falls from around 1100 kg/m3 to around 10% of this figure, or even less. Expanded Perlite is white due to the reflectivity of the trapped bubbles.

Typical Chemical Analysis

Typical Physical Properties

The bulk density of expanded perlite depends on the grading of the product.  As a result, the poured bulk density ranges from 40 to 120 Kg/m3 and the compacted bulk density from 50 to 150 Kg/m3.

Grades Available

The following particle sizes are currently available: 0.015-2mm, 0.15-3mm, 0.6-3mm, 0.6-5mm and 1-6mm.
Perlite is available in 100 litre sacks (27 sacks per pallet) and 1250 litre bulk bags.
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