Exfoliated Vermiculite is an ultra-lightweight mineral available in a range of particle sizes.  The concertina-like structure gives the granules a very high surface area, while the microscopic inter-laminar air spaces impart superb thermal insulation properties over a very wide range of temperatures.  Exfoliated Vermiculite is also highly absorbant, making it an ideal carrier or low cost filler for compound formulations.

Medium Grade Vermiculite (2-8mm) is recommended for improving the drainage of heavy clay soils, while the Fine Grade (0.5-3mm) can be combined with peat to form seed-growing compost.


Exfoliated Vermiculite is manufactured from a naturally occurring soft micaceous ore.  The crude vermiculite is passed through a furnace, with a residence time just sufficient to ensure exfoliation.  The exfoliation occurs at right angles to the cleavage planes, causing the flakes to expand into concertina-shaped granules.  The vermiculite is then immediately evacuated from the furnace, air classified, cooled and packed.

Typical Chemical Analysis

Loose Bulk Density

Vermiculite is available in 100 litre sacks (30 sacks per pallet).
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